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The waitlist for in-person lessons with Devorah is closed. Luckily, you can now master all the foundations of Devorah’s sought-after vocal approach through her online course.

Whether you’re a new or intermediate singer, this joy-filled course will help you:

  • Strengthen your voice  so you can belt out your favorite songs with ease and control
  • Increase your range, ‘til you’re hitting notes higher and lower than ever before
  • Expand lung capacity  so you’re never left breathless mid-lyric
  • Gain joy and confidence  as you hear and feel your voice improve

Your voice is beautiful.
But it could sound EVEN better.

If you’re like most singers, there are times your voice just gets away from you.

  • You run out of breath mid-lyric.
  • You aim for a high note and miss.
  • You suddenly sound pitchy, shaky, or flat.

The good news? Your voice is not just a talent – it’s an instrument you can strengthen and improve. And, throughout this course, I’m going to arm you with the powerful tools and techniques you need to fine-tune it!

A lifetime of skills for less
than the cost of 3 voice lessons

It would cost the average student close to $10,000 in vocal lessons to master all the techniques you’ll learn in this course.
I’m so excited to share it all with you!

Voice Fundamentals



  • Lifetime Access
  • 54 easy-to-follow lessons
  • 35+ techniques & skills
  • 7 vocal scales
  • Monthly Q&As

One payment of $599, or 3 monthly payments of $225 each

Voice Fundamentals



  • Lifetime Access
  • 54 easy-to-follow lessons
  • 35+ techniques & skills
  • 7 vocal scales
  • Monthly Q&As
  • Star of the Month
  • Special Toolkit*
  • 3 Direct Feedback Opportunities from Devorah

Not sure? No worries! You can always bump up your package later for $400 (pending availability)

Hi, it’s Devorah.
I can’t wait to help you
develop your talents!

Hi, it’s Devorah.
I can’t wait to help you
develop your talents!

For years, I’ve studied voice, mastering the key techniques that have shaped my sound – and I’m excited for you to discover yours!
I currently perform on stages all over the world and still upkeep my own training.

Throughout my career, I’ve also chosen to teach voice, and am in awe of how so many of my students have developed from beginners to professionals. Many have gone on to become performers, recording artists, and household names. Some lead major productions and plays all over the world. And some even teach students of their own!

The work I do with my students really yields results and I’m thrilled to have finally made this course accessible to everyone who’s looking to improve their techniques, sing with less effort, and sound more professional.

In this course, we’ll fine-tune your sound ‘till it soars


Tap into the powerful techniques professional singers use
From breath-work, to warm-ups, to jaw exercises and more,
I carefully and clearly walk you through all the foundational techniques singers use daily to strengthen their voice and improve their sound.


Develop and refine your own, authentic voice and tone
Everyone has a natural tone to their voice that’s both beautiful and unique. This course is all about revealing what’s already inside you– and strengthening, controlling and enhancing the quality of it!


Learn and improve at your own pace
Log in online, anytime. This course includes lifetime access, so you can practice each lesson as thoroughly and carefully as you’d like.

By the end….

Your singing will feel effortless

Your voice range will expand

Your tone will sound brighter and cleaner

You’ll be able to talk and sing for longer periods of time

Even your speaking voice will improve!

Engaging, fun – and most importantly, effective!

54 Videos in 6 Chapters
Bite-sized lessons that break all the essentials down in a clear, engaging and easy-to-follow way.

35+ Powerful Techniques, Skills, & Exercises
From breath-work, to warm-ups, to jaw exercises and more, everything you need to strengthen your voice is included.

Tips, Tricks, & Troubleshooting
Extra guidance in every chapter to help you to double-check your techniques.


Direct feedback from Devorah

4 weeks in and I’m hitting all these high notes I never thought I could reach. It’s so motivating!!!

Bracha S.

Everyone always told me I had a beautiful voice. But Devorah’s course, has taught me how to sound even better than I imagined. Each video teaches me so much. I’ve been practicing every night and I really hear the difference.

Elisheva P.

My daughter learned things in Devorah’s foundational course that she hadn’t been taught in 3 years of voice lessons.

Devorah Leah K.


Who can take this course?

Anyone, ages 10 and up. All you need is a dedication to practicing daily, and you’ll hear and feel improvements, whatever your age!

NOTE: With supervision, girls as young as 8 can be successful with the course. Any younger and I have found the online learning format too advanced for them.

Do I need a good voice in order to take this course?

Not at all. However your voice currently sounds, by taking this course and committing to daily practice, it WILL improve!

Devorah, what if I want YOU to review my progress?

If you’d like me to review how you’re doing in the course, sign up for the optional feedback feature. I’ll be happy to give a careful listen and clear, pointed feedback

Note: Even without my input, if you follow the exercises and practice daily, you WILL improve. You’ll be able to hear and feel as your voice starts opening up – keep practicing!

How does the optional “feedback feature” work?

Three times throughout the course, you’ll be able to submit a video directly to me (Devorah 🙂 ) for review. Your videos can be up to 5 minutes long, and can include you practicing scales, singing, and/or any questions you might have about your voice or the lessons.

I’ll personally review your video, and provide you with clear and pointed feedback, either through writing or video demonstration.

You can use your feedback feature a total of three times throughout this course. It will unlock for you every two chapters, to give you a chance to absorb and practice the material and prepare to submit your work for feedback.

How long will this course take for me to complete?

Technically, you could run through this course in as little as 6 weeks, with a new chapter unlocking weekly. But to get the full benefits of the program, we highly recommend doing the course at a pace of one new chapter every 4-6 weeks – completing the course in about 6 months to a year.

Remember, you’re going to be learning new habits and unlearning some bad ones. The only way to truly succeed in that is to build your way up. By practicing each chapter’s scales and exercise for a full month, you’ll really start to hear yourself improve!

Like all online courses, you truly will get out what you put in! Take advantage of your lifetime access to this course, and you’ll gain a lifetime of new singing habits that will improve and strengthen your voice for the better!

I used to sing really well, but with age my range got smaller and/or my voice got weaker. Will this course help?

Yes. These lessons can and will strengthen your voice – and you can even recover a lot of your range.

Like any muscle in the body, our voice gets weaker as we age. By practicing the exercises in this course diligently, your voice will become stronger, more powerful, and more flexible.

What about speaking? As a teacher, my voice gets strained, hoarse, and tired by the end of the day. Can this course help me?

Yes, very much so. By learning to support your voice properly, you’ll alleviate all the extra strain and tension that’s happening in your vocal production.

Practice makes progress, and as you continue to train, you’ll start to notice remarkable improvements!

**Disclaimer: If you have nodules or a lot of pain when you vocalize, this course does not and cannot replace a healthcare professional.

What's in the Voice Fundamentals Pro Special Toolkit?

Think of it as a fun merch supply set to help you take the course. A notebook and pen, handheld mirror, and large tumbler with a straw. *Shipping within the U.S. only.