Elevating women through the transcendent power of music

Throughout the course of her music career, Devorah Schwartz has been on a mission to use her gift of song as a force for good in the world.
With an artistry that’s breathtaking, and a sincerity that’s infectious, she has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life – serving as both inspiration and role model to women young and old.

Devorah’s voice is
her instrument,
and she tunes it
with precision
and love

When Devorah sings, it feels effortless – pitch, strength, and tone soaring in perfect control, carrying listeners’ hearts and souls upwards.

Over a decade of classical training and painstaking labor, training, and practice are behind this seemingly effortless expression.

Devorah has been primarily trained in the renowned Juilliard methodology, with supplementary training in contemporary and pop styles. Through her training, she has developed her distinct voice and today, she applies many of these methodologies in teaching to her own voice students.

It might be one of growth, or connection, or simply a celebration and appreciation of life!

These journeys are not just her own; often, they are a thoughtful reflection of the human experience around her.

“I feel like this song was written just for me” is the most common feedback Devorah receives about her music, and it fills her with joy.

Each song is a
deeply personal

Classically trained.
Refreshingly candid.

There’s no airs about Devorah’s artistry or approach, only an elegant, intrinsic refinement and a joy for connecting to other women through music.

Perhaps this is why women from all ages and backgrounds, all over the world, connect so deeply with her music.

Devorah’s musical career began in the most unlikeliest of places: Pre-Med

Devorah has always had a passion of medicine and biology, and holds a Bachelors in Pre-Med and Masters in Business (MBA). Today, she uses her knowledge of anatomy and biology to get help her students troubleshoot vocal issues and improve from the inside out.

Enjoy Devorah’s
music LIVE!

Learn voice
with Devorah!